Freitag, 26. September 2014

[Tools] VirtualWin: Virtual desktops for Windows

Edit from 2017: With Windows 10 VirtualWin isnt needed anymore :)

Hey there,
to fill the time between the c# memory manipulation tutorials I convinced myself to post about free software / services which I use to enhance my daily pc experience.

One awesome software I use since many years is the open source program VirtualWin (

Like the name already implies it enhance windows with the possibility to work on several virtual desktops:

Even more awesome: Its easy as hell
Launch it
Define shortcuts for each desktop and enjoy a better arranged workstation.

Atleast I cant work with a full taskbar: Spotify, Skype, VisualStudio, WoW, IRC, Pidgin, different browser window etc.
With the help of this tiny little tool I can split the tools I use over several desktops and focus much better on the things I am doing right now instead of being distracted every moment (and its also awesome to hide Warcraft 3 and other games from teachers in school :p)

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