Donnerstag, 28. Dezember 2017

ClassicFramework (and RPX update)

ClassicFramework is an old project adding extra functionalities to the 1.12.1 WoW Client which you can trigger ingame by calling Lua functions:

Attention: ClassicFramework hides client modifications by patching the Warden memory scan function of the module which was used by Elysium back when I worked on this project. As far as I know Elysium started using all kind of different Warden modules now which means that the project needs to be updated.
I strongly advice against using this if you have no idea what you are doing.
If you have programming related questions about this project you can join my discord and just ask.

Find ClassicFramework on GitHub.

Now some advertisment unrelated to ClassicFramework (skip if you are not interested):

In my last post I mentioned that I invested in NEO aswell RPX. I bought RPX when it was worth around 0.04€ per coin and now it already jumped to 0.20€. While this is already a huge spike it wont stop here. RPX will be added to a lot more exchanges in the upcoming two months which will result in the value growing even more.
Today Red Pulse (the team behind RPX) also released an Android app for their platform (PlayStore link).

Also I found another quite interesting post about KuCoin:

Freitag, 22. Dezember 2017

This blog is stil alive?

Some time has passed by. After reading through my last unfinished blog article I decided to bring some life into this blog again.
At the end of this year I will also stop supporting zzukbot (open source at now) which will from now on be maintained by someone else. Programming at work and in my spare time is just to much for me.

Over at you can grab a version maintained by Icesythe7 which isnt bound to an authentication server incase you stil want to continue using this bot. Otherwise I can advice you to take a look at DarkLinux Gasai project ( is redirecting to this blog from now on and I will start writing blog entries again. I have no specific topic in mind so new posts could reach from cryptocurrencies to programming or something completely different.
I started app development for iOS and Android using Xamarin a short while ago so this might be something to write tutorials about.

Incase you got some money that you dont need right now you should by the way take a look at NEO and RedPulse:

  • NEO is just like Bitcoin a cryptocurrency which I personally believe in.
  • RedPulseToken is a token living on the NEO Blockchain which is listed at one exchange at the moment (imagine how the price rise once it will be listed on bigger and more exchanges). 

Both projects are very young and promising and I think they will both grow a lot in 2018.
A few links: Article about NEO Article about RPX KuCoin to buy RPX NEO subreddit (read the subreddit info to get a few more helpful links about NEO) RPX subreddit